Easobhavan College Organisation:  
Christian Students League

 The aim of Christian Students League:-

Catholic Students League, it is an organization formed in the college of encourage religious spirit of students, especially catholic students. It is a voluntary group. They give guidance to the Mass conduct every first Fridays in the college.

Aim of the league is to promote quality of life and moral values among the students. Now a days the youth have a tendency to deviate from spiritual values. So it is an immediate need to form such a type of league in the college.

   Aim of Angels:-  
Angels was first organised in 2002 at Easobhavan college. It’s aim to support and work for the disabled persons. It helps as to remind the need for the love and kind to the society. It enables us to do something really helpful to others, in return for their happiness. We can devote something of our life to relieve the suffering of others. We can also do good in most personal and independent ways. It is an organization by the students and they are the members who work hard for its proper functioning. Thus it had successfully passed its 8 years on 2010. So it is with legitimate pride, we say together that we are the angles of easobhavan.
   Aim of Balajanasakyam:-  
Balajanasakyam is an organization which functioned under the leadership of Malayala Manorama. One unit of this has been functioning in Easobhavan College since 2007. It’s main objective is to findout the talented students and to uplift their abilities. Through this we can mould a good citizen.
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